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Pizza for the People (Bloomberg Businessweek, September 16 2019 Issue)

Momofuku’s Secret Sauce: A 30-Year-Old C.E.O. (The New York Times, August 16, 2019)

Building a Better Berry (OneZero, June 19, 2019)

With USDA Dairy in Decline, Grass-Fed Sales Are Booming (Heated, May 1, 2019)

The New Pasta Landscape (The Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2019)

Betting the Farm (The National, March/April 2019 Issue)

Reducing, Reusing, and Raising a Glass at Olmsted (Edible Manhattan, Spring 2019)

The Startup Taking on Bayer with Cheaper, Non-GMO Seeds (Bloomberg Businessweek, March 4 2019 Issue)

Coffee Is Cooler Than Ever. So Is the Third Wave Dead? (TASTE, February 26, 2019)

Dig Inn Wants to Optimize Your Sad Desk Lunch (Bloomberg Businessweek, February 4, 2019 Issue)

These Apple Ciders Are Wild — Literally (The Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2019)

In 2069, Your Food Will Shop for You (Medium, January 3, 2019)

The Not-So-Precious Business Behind Bespoke Tableware (Edible Manhattan, Winter 2018/2019 Issue)

The Hidden Struggle to Save the Coffee Industry from Disaster (Medium, November 28, 2018)

Is It Still Thanksgiving If You Don’t Serve Turkey? (The Wall Street Journal, October 31, 2018)

How to Work Remotely — In an Exotic New City Each Month (The Wall Street Journal, August 29, 2018)

The Ex-Noma Chef Who Wants to Make School Food Reform Big Business (The New Yorker, August 8, 2018)

Meet the Startup That Thinks DNA Can Predict Your Best Diet (Medium, July 24, 2018)

How Tender Greens Turned its Suppliers into Investors (Entrepreneur, July 2018 Issue)

Inside the Quest to Build the World's Next Big Food Franchises (Entrepreneur, June 2018 Issue)

My Cocktail's Smarter Than Yours: A Guide to the World's Brainiest Bar Menus (The Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2018)

Are You a Catskills Person? (The Wall Street Journal, June 15, 2018)

The Tortilla Cartel (TASTE, May 15, 2018)

Indigo's Scientists are Replacing Pesticides with Bacteria (Bloomberg Businessweek, April 16, 2018 Issue)

Maira Kalman and a Life of Cake (TASTE, April 5, 2018)

In Restaurant Trends, What Comes After Farm-to-Table? (The Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2018)

The Limitations of American Restaurants' No-Tipping Experiment (The New Yorker, February 24, 2018)

How Delivery Apps May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business (The New Yorker, February 3, 2018)

Blizzard-Proof Bowls: Savory Porridge Saves the Day (The Wall Street Journal, January 5, 2018)

The Rise of the All-Day Menu (The Wall Street Journal, December 20, 2017)

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The Inflated Promise of the American Food Hall (The New Yorker, November 29, 2017)

Why Superchef David Chang Is Risking His Perfect Record with Ando  (Entrepreneur, October 2017 Issue)

'Fish Fraud' Is Rampant. Here's How to Fix It (The Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2017)

As Goes the Middle Class, So Goes TGI Fridays (Eater, October 3, 2017)

How to Picnic Like a Pro: Recipes, Tools, & Tips (The Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2017)

Gearing Up: When Will Robots Finally Take Over the Fast Food Business? (Entrepreneur, June 2017 Issue)

Scraps, Wilt and Weeds Comes to the 92nd Street Y (Edible Manhattan, June 6, 2017)

The Trouble and Truth About Buying Sustainable Seafood in NYC (Edible Manhattan, Summer 2017 Issue)

A Wilder Approach to Weekend Entertaining (The Wall Street Journal, May 25, 2017)

It's the Summer of Rum (Bloomberg Businessweek, May 16, 2017 Issue)

A Clean-Out-the-Fridge Sunday Lunch (The Wall Street Journal, April 20, 2017)

Singular Single-Malt Whiskies Born in the USA (The Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2017)

Meatless is More (The Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2017)

Sunday Lunch: Recipes that Satisfy Body & Soul (The Wall Street Journal, January 23, 2017)

The Impossible Honeymoon: Bhutan (Esquire, January 2017)

The Breakfast Burrito Variations (The Wall Street Journal, December 23, 2016)

Summer's Wake-Up Drinks (The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2016)

More than One Way to Flip a Crepe (The Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2016)

A Call to Carbs (The Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2016)

The New Takeout (Bloomberg Businessweek, April 21, 2016 Issue)

Port Minus the Cigars (The Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2016)

Two Conspicuously Comforting Hot Chocolate Recipes (The Wall Street Journal, February 17, 2016)

How to Make Avocado Toast Even Dreamier (The Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2016)

Get Out the Great Champagne for Your New Year’s Eve Toast (Bloomberg Businessweek, December 28, 2015 Issue)

The Myth of "Easy" Cooking (The Atlantic, November 25, 2015)

Thanksgiving in 3 Hours or Less (The Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2015)

Not Enough Cooks: Restaurant Industry Faces Talent Crisis (Bloomberg Businessweek, November 19, 2015 Issue)

Where’s the Beet? Veggie Burgers Even Carnivores Will Crave (The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2015)

The Bitter Season: A Guide to Italian Amaro (Bloomberg Businessweek, October 14, 2015 Issue)

A Weekend Away in Southern England’s Wine Country (The Wall Street Journal, October 1, 2015)

Why You Should Try Swapping Vodka for Eau de Vie (The Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2015)

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The 12 Good Snacks (and One Awful One) You’ll Be Eating This Year (Bloomberg, June 19, 2015)

No Age Statement Scotches Worth Losing Track of Time Over (The Wall Street Journal, April 24, 2015)

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Where’s the Beef? (Bloomberg Businessweek, April 9, 2015 Issue)

How the Authentic Taco Made a Gourmet Comeback (The Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2015)

When It Comes to Fish, One Chef’s Trash Is Another’s Daily Special (The Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2015)

Gourmet Meal-Kit Delivery Competition Heats Up (Bloomberg Businessweek, March 11, 2015 Issue)

Vintage Cocktail Books Make for Intoxicating Research (Edible Manhattan, March/April 2015 Issue)

Broth: The New Liquid Lunch (The Wall Street Journal, January 2, 2015)

Lobster Dishes with Mass Appeal (The Wall Street Journal, August 1, 2014)

In This Age of Culinary Messiahs, We’re Rubes Who Need to Be Taught How to Eat (The Guardian, July 25, 2014)

Don’t Listen to the Propagandists Behind the Urban Gardening Fad. It’s All Lies. (The Guardian, May 25, 2014)

Miso in Desserts: A Secret Weapon in Sweet Recipes (The Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2014)

Should America’s Best Chefs Really Stay in the Kitchen? (Esquire, August 5, 2014)

Ban Tipping: This Custom is Awkward, Unfair, and Just Plain Bad Economics (The Guardian, March 19, 2014)

The Great Whiskey Shortage (Esquire, February 27, 2014)

Mocktails Come of Age (The Wall Street Journal, February 1, 2014)

Cooking Backward (The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2013)

Alone in Wales, on Horseback (The Wall Street Journal, October 3, 2013)

The Pimm’s Cup, Remixed (The Wall Street Journal, July 26, 2013)

Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed (Esquire, June 19, 2013)

Fine Dining, Without the Reservations (The Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2013)

20 Odd Questions: Catherine Martin (The Wall Street Journal, May 2, 2013)

Why Are Honeycrisp Apples So Damn Expensive? (Esquire, March 6, 2013)

A Clean Break (The Wall Street Journal December 28, 2012)

Saveur 150: Gougeres (Saveur, October 2012)

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Half Full: Sipping the Spirit of the North (The Wall Street Journal, April 23, 2012)

Spoon Fed (Bon Appetit, November 4, 2011)

How to Eat Raw Chicken (Esquire, September 2011)

You Want To Eat Where? (The Wall Street Journal, August 27, 2011)